Go West, My Friend!

Photo:By Holly Lynn Cook

Bodie Ghost Town Photo:By Holly Lynn Cook

I’ve always been intrigued by the stories of the pioneers who journey across the plains, deserts and mountains, because they had a dream of owning their own land a place they could call their own and maybe even Freedom from their past or places they had lived.

Bodie Ghost Town Photo:By Holly Lynn Cook

Bodie Ghost Town
Photo:By Holly Lynn Cook

Yet, as you look at history and the paths taken by these adventures. There are so many stories, legends, dairies and ghost towns left behind from the old west.

Many times these brave souls would leave their prize possessions on the trail in the realization that their own survival depended on the letting go of material things of this world.

Bodie Ghost Town Mining Shaft Photo by Holly Lynn Cook

Bodie Ghost Town
Mining Shaft
Photo by Holly Lynn Cook

I’ve visited many of these ghost towns. Bodie ghost town in California is the most mysterious. http://www.ghosttowns.com/states/ca/bodie.html The town’s people up and left this mining town leaving many of their belongings. No one knows for certain why, but the effect is quite eye-opening to visitors looking into a classroom window and seeing books on the desk and writings on the chalkboard as if they were expecting to come back that day. Spooky!

Bodie Ghost Town Photo:By Holly Lynn Cook

Bodie Ghost Town
Grave site and view of town Photo:By Holly Lynn Cook

How many times do we chase a dream only to be disillusioned in the course. There are many questions I would like to ask of the people who once lived in Bodie.

Are our lives any different from these pioneers? Are there not advertisements saying, “Go West!” even today?

In the glass covered photos below, there is a note:

“Can you identify any of these photos?”

Bodies Ghost Town Photo:By Holly Lynn Cook

Bodies Ghost Town
Photo:By Holly Lynn Cook

What do you think?

My Own Little Corner

In My Own Little Corner

“In my own little corner in my own little chair,I can be whatever I want to be”

Does anyone remember this song from a televised Cinderella during the 60’s? I find myself singing this song about my own new little corner of our bedroom, where I can hide out and write or look out the window and dream. As you can tell I love faeries.

Thank you to my Bruce, who built the desk.

Do you have your own little area that you can create in?

My Own Little CornerMy Own Little Corner

Another HollyDay

Another HollyDay!

The gypsy spirit calls to me from time to time. So when the day is perfect the open road becomes an invitation for a HollyDay adventure. (Well, not like the Indiana Jones adventures.)
This weekend was one of those days that I just left the housework and never looked back.
My first stop was to the Coffee Tree in downtown Loveland for a latte and biscuit. With my book in hand the magic began.
Another HollyDay! http://www.wheregoodthingsgrow.com

View of the Rocky MountainsDuran's Green House

My next destination was to visit time a nursery in Longmont CO. I love places that are family owned, because these types of business seem to be a fading into the past. The drive out was open lands of farms and a magnificent view of the Rocky Mountains. The decorations inside Duran’s nursery consisted of an old piano and a 70’s bedroom set. Found some lovely plants with friendly people who were more than willing to answer any questions. http://www.duransgreenhouse.com

Durans PianoDuran's Decorations

On my way back was just one of those things. A hand-made sign that was on the corner on a busy highway that caught my eye. “Holly’s Garden, Iris Sale’’. My curiosity and imagination went into full gear as I took country roads that lead me to a beautiful house with a yard perfectly placed.

Holly Garden SignHolly Garden

Greeted by Holly, (not myself, coincidence perhaps?) with directions and a piece of paper with names of Iris’s in alphabetical order. What you do is walk through her garden (all the Iris’s are in bloom) checking the Iris’s you want on the paper. So many colors! The Iris’s I chose are a Birthday gift for a dear friend. You pick them up in August and plant for next year. My favorite one was called “Starship Enterprise”. What a beauty! http://www.hollyscountrygardens.weebly.com

My tummy was letting me know it was time for lunch, already? How time passes when you’re on an adventure.

Where to eat? Need to drop off plants at house. Yes, I go to the Swan House Tea Room (www.theswanhouse.com), one of my favorite places to have lunch. Mr. and Mrs. Daniels created this lovely teahouse in an old historical home downtown Loveland. I’m always greeted with a hug from Mrs. Daniels. Decided to sit in the sun room away from the groups of ladies in hats. While I was sipping on my tea, I noticed an interesting oval mirror and was inspired to take a picture of myself in the mirror as a dedication to an artist I just discovered named Vivian Maier. Her negatives and photos were just discovered in a trunk sold at a storage auction. Vivian’s life and photo’s are mysterious and intriguing. Love her self-portraits. http://www.vivianmaiers.com Holly Lynn Self Portait


Afterwards as I was finishing up a lovely dessert of brandy chocolate mousse. Yummy! A tall slender lady with a lovely British accent asked me about my lunch. She did not know the Swan House served lunch as well as Victorian Afternoon Tea. We  soon  started talking of tea houses, The Midwifes TV series and her involvement with “Daughter’s of the British Empire”. Defiantly will be going to their benefit in future. What a interesting world we live in and so love meeting new people and hearing their stories.

Can you believe there is more? My lovely friend and neighbor took me to her ranch and showed me the new fowl. Horses are so amazing and myself not being raised with horses I’m always taken back from their strength and beauty. Following my friends lead I walked with her into the field where the mares all stood. They all came and greeted us and we were able to come close to the mother and fowl. (Sigh)

Spirit's and HopeThe Ladies of the field

What a most extraordinary day!

Tell me about your ____Day’s!



Broken Pot Garden

Was outside in the garden last weekend after a long winter. Snowed even on Mother’s Day (Second week in May in the US), But that is how the weather works out here in Loveland Colorado. Good rule to follow on the Eastern Plains, “Never plant your garden until after Mother’s Day”.
During my walk through the garden to make my plans I came across a broken pot that I favored. How sad to have to toss it in the trash I thought. Then an idea came to mind, remembering an article from one of my craft magazines about broken pots. My creative imagination started making plans for the pot. So with a trip to the nursery and more broken pots I found in the shed…”Voila!” A Broken Pot Garden.



Work In Progress…Tea Cart…Myself…Or Are They All One?


One of my weaknesses since I was a child has been “Tea Parties” with some Peter Pan and Alice In Wonderland all mixed up. And since I lived (for over 30 years), about 10 or so miles from the original Disneyland, only increased my imagination. But my question to myself,  being a more lets say on in years, what I felt I knew has changed. My heart feels like this lovely tea cart. This Tea Cart did its duties, and then was tucked away in someones garage for sometime. Then one day by chance the tea cart was given to somebody who saw the potential, (tea parties gathering and magic). Now all taken apart, and in the midst of rejuvenating . I find myself relating to this almost thrown away precious cart. 

Finding for myself that my most creative and growing periods (which are not always pleasant as we sand away the past and let go tossing to the wind what we do not need) living today.




What I define HollyDay to be...get in the car and just follow you intuition by going down new roads. You can have a destination in mind, but you will take back alley ways and hidden country road. For me I allows find the most amazing places.

What I define HollyDay to be…get in the car and just follow your intuition by going down new roads. You can have a destination in mind, but you will take back alley ways and hidden country roads. For me this method brings me to find the most amazing places.