Work In Progress…Tea Cart…Myself…Or Are They All One?


One of my weaknesses since I was a child has been “Tea Parties” with some Peter Pan and Alice In Wonderland all mixed up. And since I lived (for over 30 years), about 10 or so miles from the original Disneyland, only increased my imagination. But my question to myself,  being a more lets say on in years, what I felt I knew has changed. My heart feels like this lovely tea cart. This Tea Cart did its duties, and then was tucked away in someones garage for sometime. Then one day by chance the tea cart was given to somebody who saw the potential, (tea parties gathering and magic). Now all taken apart, and in the midst of rejuvenating . I find myself relating to this almost thrown away precious cart. 

Finding for myself that my most creative and growing periods (which are not always pleasant as we sand away the past and let go tossing to the wind what we do not need) living today.



4 thoughts on “Work In Progress…Tea Cart…Myself…Or Are They All One?

  1. Funny you should ask as I’ve been trying to decide. When I sanded down the tea cart the wood the grains were so lovely. I’ve been visiting the paint and stain departments with samples in hand. My ideas keep going around…classic look or more of my artsy feel.

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