Broken Pot Garden

Was outside in the garden last weekend after a long winter. Snowed even on Mother’s Day (Second week in May in the US), But that is how the weather works out here in Loveland Colorado. Good rule to follow on the Eastern Plains, “Never plant your garden until after Mother’s Day”.
During my walk through the garden to make my plans I came across a broken pot that I favored. How sad to have to toss it in the trash I thought. Then an idea came to mind, remembering an article from one of my craft magazines about broken pots. My creative imagination started making plans for the pot. So with a trip to the nursery and more broken pots I found in the shed…”Voila!” A Broken Pot Garden.



8 thoughts on “Broken Pot Garden

    • Thank you Donna! Love plants and crafts. I believe I’m hooked on broken pots and what can I do next. Another one of my favorite decorations for the yard or potted plants is putting broken colorful dishes or tea cups around the sides.

  1. Hey Holly…
    Love this, what a fab idea! What a beautiful and loving thing to do to something that may otherwise be disregarded, or thrown away in the trash. This looks so fantastic. I won’t go out to break all my pots. But, I will know that if anything does get broken, there’s still a future for it!!

    thanks xxx

    • Thank You Twinkle! Yes, I do think it is very wise not to break your nice pots. But if you go out shopping where they sale pots and you see broken a broken pot…I bet they will give you a discount. They do at the nurseries here in Colorado.

  2. Hey Holly,
    I love this idea! As with the tea trolley, it’s lovely to give an old piece of furniture (or a pot in this case) a new life! I might try this myself.

    I’ve started collecting nice jam jars and filling them with either candles or flowers. I’ll try and post on my blog! x

    • Oh! I would love to see what you create with the jam jars with candles and flowers. Are the jam jars vintage? This has been a busy week and I will post about my weekend in a few days. There was not a moment to breath and yet my weekend was magical and breath taking!

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