About me.

I have had many adventures in my lifetime. Some would say, not really so adventurous. I’ll be corny and say, “The world is what you make of it my friend. If it doesn’t fit make alterations”. Quote from Silverado.

I’ve been looking for the right fit all my life and I’ve been making alterations many times over.

Ballerina, teacher, Mum, Manager of restaurants and high fashion stores, artist, writer,  (well, that is still something to think about) as well as, photographer, spiritual, gardening (the Faeries help)

 Not being schooled in any of those categories. Even now I’m in a strange place  of working in a home improvement store.

So what  I hear from people of who I am would be a Free Spirit, yet I feel that I am not. But I do have the gypsy spirit perhaps.

Stay tuned for the next adventure in the simple things in life.

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